CNC Floor Type Milling Machine UTITA-SECMU mod TLS-8000

CNC Floor Type Milling Machine UTITA-SECMU mod. TLS-8000 with CNC ECS 2301, longitudinal travel mm. 8000 x vertical travel mm. 2500, N. 2 Stolle plane, Controlled rotary table mm. 2000×2000 cross mm. 1500 load Tonn. 15, Automatic indexing head with attack ram 72 divisions and 2 positions inclined plane, Tool magazine with 60 positions and standard accessories

Horizontal Machining Center MANDELLI 14

Machine completely overhauled with new materials supply and warranty as new Horizontal machining center MANDELLI model 14, of the new CNC Unit chosen WINDOWS PLASMA / SIEMENS 840D / HEIDENHAIN 530 / FANUC, pallet change positions 2, ATC chosen by 60/80/100 positions, Head U 50cv prolonged Overconcept (horizontal / vertical automatic), protective barriers with photocells standards, optical lines, conformity and standard accessories